Best Places to See in San Diego


Most visitors and tourists to San Diego miss out on the north county experience, while they focus on in town attractions and theme parks. Although, the majority of them, had they known would not overlook it for the world. The best places to see in San Diego happen to include many areas of north county, and discovering them up close may convey what the city is all about more than any other attraction.

Best Places to See in San Diego, Up Close

Sunshine and balmy ocean breezes convene on miles and miles of pristine sands and graceful waves. Surfers and sophisticates alike congregate where glorious ocean views and famous coastal amenities like Del Mar Race Track appear. Further north, mellow and vibrant communities extend from the shores to inland ridges, over bluffs and coastal plains. These communities make up some of the best small town charm San Diego can offer with less crowds and more room to roam. They devotedly guard their suburban, bedroom community environments and as a result, provide coastal amenities and living options that outshine any others in the county.

Encinitas real estate and Carlsbad real estate unfold respectively in a northerly direction. Each claims a historic piece of the coast with quaint town centers and exclusive, beachfront homes. Each includes numerous, master-planned neighborhoods and an abundance of luxury homes aimed to please every discerning taste.

When it comes to unique attractions amid some of the best places to see in San Diego, Encinitas and Carlsbad can be quite different. The former for example, has the interesting oddity of Boat Houses on 3rd Street. These were built to mimic boats and today house apartments. They will likely become a museum in the future. With that said, you can still see hot rods and woodies cruising the streets in Encinitas and surfers in droves riding the waves. Moonlight Beach and the community’s botanical gardens should not be missed when visiting the town.

Carlsbad hosts many business interests, LegoLand, expansive strawberry and flower fields, beautiful beaches and innumerable, upscale neighborhoods and homes. When it comes to coastal elegance, Carlsbad can be hard to beat. It also has exclusive shopping at the Carlsbad Premium Outlets, an outdoor mall with an ocean view.

In both communities, real estate features include amazing parks, trails, impeccably kept landscape and lush green spaces. Homes range from cozy bungalows and cottages to huge, luxury estates on several acres. Those interested should expect ocean views in many offerings, optimum livability, curb and price appeal.

If you would like to find out more about the best places to see in San Diego, get connected up close, and contact an area expert today.